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Using Wall Art to Liven Up Your Basement

The basement is usually the least loved part of the house, even though it has the potential for greatness. In the basement we stick our laundry rooms and our trash cans, our work benches and the clothing that our children grew out of years ago. Although we tend to treat our basements with the rule, “out of sight out of mind,” you should realize that if you’re not using your basement to its full potential, you are wasting valuable space and the possibility for a great area in which to relax or enjoy your hobbies.

If people are using their basements, it’s usually as a sort of modified game room and tool storage closet, and the wall decor usually reflects the fact that they don’t really have any formal idea what they are doing with the space. If you’re lucky, a basement will have a collection of family photos or childhood art, however, sometimes the only things hanging up are old college posters, or flashing neon beer signs. You need to realize that with a little bit of creativity and imagination, you can choose art that will make visitors and family feel right at home.

Which type of wall art you choose will depend largely on how you hope to utilize the space in your basement, and how finished your basement already is. For instance, it would seem kind of funny to hang an oil painting on the wall in a basement where you can see the upstairs flooring and there are utility wires hanging out all over the place. Likewise, even a finished basement will feel strange if you have classic art on the walls and kids toys and art projects all over the floor. Realize that the things that you enjoy should be the inspiration for the art you choose.

Many people choose to take their basements in a cozy, natural direction, hanging up wall art that reflects outdoor scenes, as either paintings or high quality photo prints. If you have a family that vacations at the beach a lot, you might try to bring a little of that sunny feel to your basement by choosing tropical scenes, or artistic paintings of tropical animals. If you and your family member enjoy watching and playing sports, you might be able to use that interest as a theme for the art and other accessories that you choose for your basement.


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