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This Is Amazing DIY Wine Bottle Crafts, You Must Try it !!!


Can not be denied, the use of plastic bottles increasingly increasing. In addition to the variety of plastic bottles that can be purchased anywhere, you also must have or even like to buy drinks and food in the package because it is more simple, is not it? As a result, in your house there may be little or even a pile of plastic bottles that are ready to be thrown away.

But wait a minute. You must know that the plastic bottles are very difficult to decompose in the soil. So, rather than hurry to throw it away, causing waste in the environment to accumulate, it would not hurt you to look for other ideas to take advantage of this one. There are lots of creations that can be made from these plastic bottles.

What are some of the creations that can come from a collection of unused plastic bottles? Here are some special ideas for you. Yep, who would have thought if it turns out these used plastic bottles can be transformed into various sweet ornaments like below.

We also have some idea of ​​converting other used items into something more useful

1. Potted Wall for Ornamental Plants

If you like to buy softdrinks of 1 to 1.5 liters, you will be very easy to change the used plastic bottles into useful items. Simply hide the center of the side of the plastic bottle and paint with your favorite color. Painting them in different colors is also not a bad idea because it can bring a lot of excitement on the walls of your yard.

After being perforated and decorated, you just plug the wire near the bottle cap and the base of the plastic bottle for easy display on the wall. Finally, fill the wall pot from the plastic bottle with the ground and immediately plant the ornamental plant seeds you like. Pair it on the backyard wall or your home terrace while waiting for the right time until the seeds you plant are transformed into beautiful ornamental plants.

2. Transparent Curtain Room Barrier

If your house has so little space that the boundary between one room and another room becomes unclear, you can use the used plastic bottle to become a chic and unique room divider.

Simply collect plastic bottles of 600 ml mineral water and cut the base to form like a flower. From a collection of flowers coming from the base of the former bottle, you can wrap it with nylon thread. Hole one corner of the flower until it is loaded into nylon thread, then start wicker vertically until it reaches the height of your house.

Make some of these vertical webbing and unite after the width according to the room you want to limit. Paste in the inter-wall area and you’ll see the rooms in your house are clearly lined up with no visible light because the plastic bottles are transparent.

3. Jewelry Place

Instead of throwing away unused plastic bottles, you’d better turn them into jewelry boxes that can make your dressing table more organized. The trick is also easy because you just need a few bottles of scrap and iron that can be used as a stand for your jewelry unikmu later.

The first step, cut the plastic bottles at the base, but do not get too short. From the end of the base, cut the bottle with a high distance of about 2-3 cm. After that, hole each base of the bottle in the middle. Insert each part of the bottle in the available iron. Give a distance of about 10 cm for each part of the bottle. Tighten with bolts at each end of the bottle so as not to degenerate. Voila, now you are ready to display this beautiful jewelry place to put your jewelry collection.

4. Multipurpose Cart

Parts of the body of the plastic bottle that you have picked up the base can still be recycled into useful items, loh! One of them, you can remove the versatile basket from the rest of the plastic bottle. Simply scissor the body of the plastic bottle and the same size and make woven from the sheets.

Make woven as much as possible according to the pile of plastic bottles you have. The more woven, the more versatile baskets that can be produced. After all the bottles are soaked, you can unite each woven from the plastic bottle with a strong glue. Form it like a basket, then paint it with the color you like. This versatile basket from this plastic woven bottle can be a place to put dirty clothes or store toys for children.

5. Lamp Decorative Lamp

Still using the base of the pile of your old bottle, you can also be creative to turn it into a beautiful lampshade. You can make it an ornamental lampshade for the cabinet next to your bed even to beautify the living room. All you need is really just a used bottle of the same size and color.

Cut the base of the plastic bottle a little high, measuring about 2-3 cm. Next, you just need to stick it to each other using a strong glue until it resembles a ball. There will be a beautiful flower motif formed from the design of the base of your bottle! Remember, the bottom of the pattern-shaped hood should you let hole as the entrance of the hood to cover up your sleeping lamp or decorative lamps.

6. Sweet Flower Vase

Do not leave your desk unattractive because there is no decoration on it. One of the most powerful ornaments to attract the attention of the guests is a flower vase that contains a wide range of colorful beautiful flowers. To make a flower vase, you can take advantage of used plastic bottles that have accumulated.

How to make it very easy. You just need to cut the end of the bottle to the base and the body of your plastic bottle as big. To make it into a vase, cut the plastic body vertically toward the base with the same length. But remember, just scissors half of the height of the remaining plastic bottles. After that, drag outward each cutout until it eventually resembles a circle shape when put together. The final step, fill the vase of the plastic bottle with water and put flowers according to your taste.

7. Pencil Case Can Be Taken Anywhere

Looking for a unique pencil box that can hold lots of your writing materials? Do not worry, you can use your plastic bottle collection to make a portable case pencil that can be taken anywhere, anyway.

You can simply supply two unused plastic bottles of the same size. Cut two bottles and use the bottle portion that has a base. After that, provide a zipper of clothes that you can buy at a clothing store. Paste the zipper between two bottles so that later can be closed into a sweet pencil. To make it more unique, you can paint it and draw a picture on the surface of the recycled case case from the plastic bottle.

Unique-unique is not a recycled item that you can kreasikan from plastic bottles that accumulate in your house? In addition to reducing environmental waste, recycling creations is not impossible to be a promising business opportunity if occupied properly, loh. If you have not been to business, at least you can make your house more beautiful with decorations recycled goods on top.

These Beautiful Easy DIY Shelves to Build at Home


Turning a used item into an object with new uses is a very interesting and challenging thing. Repurposing or recycling into other goods is our way as young people to remain creative and sensitive to the environment around. These new objects can also be a unique addition to the unparalleled decor.

For those of you who are looking for ideas to add shelves in the room at home, we have some inspiration of used objects that would surely be useful and suitable for additional shelves at home. Try four used objects that can be transformed into the following cool shelves:

1. The Sweet Functional Shelves Of The Used Stairs


The rickety ladder must take up a lot of space in your warehouse, it’s time to divert its function from just a pile of garbage to a fully functional shelf.

Surely this new rack project from the staircase is quite challenging and requires little skill to process wood and retaining screws. Use a plywood or plywood as a buffer on both sides of the ladder, and install an L-shaped screw to hold the underside. Make sure the plywood or plywood is proportional so that the final result was neat, sturdy, and triangular shaped foot.

2. Drawer Former Table To Become New Shelf

Have used drawers from old furniture that can not be used anymore? Do not just get rid of the drawers because you can get a versatile cool rack. Arrange the drawers vertically to your taste. Our advice is to coat the bottom of the drawer with paper / fabric motif or new paint so the shelf can look stylish and more fresh. To fit between drawers and other drawers, use nails of the size that match the thickness of the drawer sides.

No need to worry if the end result is not symmetrical between the right side and the left side because it is the artistic impression arising from the result of the uncluttered union perfect. Add a little decoration and you’re ready to use a new shelf from this used drawer.

3. Shelves Install Natural-themed Displays of Obsolete wood

Used wood can often be processed into small furniture that is very useful function as decoration or storage. An example is a bookcase or storage area of ​​scrap wood that has been cleaned and trimmed. DIY also does not require much work, just cleaning and painting with oil polish or other colors to get an additional shelf that matches the theme of your room.

If you have some of this wood, arrange storied or sideways and fill it with objects that are rather heavy, especially at the bottom so that new shelves of old wood is not easy to shift and nice to use. Certainly, only you who have bookshelves unloading pairs of this unique old wood.

4. Variety of Used Materials That You Did not Know Beforehand

Creations of used goods sometimes have to be adapted to the material in your home. So to make a new rack of used materials, you just use the remnants of used goods that are still lying and mengolahnya with your own creativity. Not infrequently things that you did not expect before, could even be a cool new shelf and super unique, for example, bookshelves from guitars, wall shelves from used buckets or skateboard boards, to shelves or bathroom cabinets from ancient chairs.

The key is from the creativity and power of the used goods that are available according to your ability. Keep looking for inspiration from various sources so that your new shelf creations really work well and personalized that are second to none. Happy to work!

These are The Creative Things to do with Mason Jars, check it do!!


I had deliberately bought mason jar to be my main tool for morning coffee ritual. One reason is because often see some cafes often rely on this mason jar. Impulsive and commute, but at least I can make more coffee if I want to, so that goes.

But over time, by mistake alone, this mason jar looks so ugly. Dull because sometimes not directly washed after use, and also cracked due to accidents that can not be avoided. Mason jar that was originally cool now I never wear at all. However, the shape is still intact and dear if it is thrown away, but it may not be donated to others.

I am looking for some ideas to make use of this mason jar, and find some cool ideas. If you have excessive mason jar or that is too outdated, maybe you can use it to be cool things below.

1. Place Unique Tissue


Some mason jar sold in pairs with lid. With this cover, you can easily turn it into a unique tissue box to decorate your living room table. To make it, you just need to drill mason jar cover of 5 × 1 cm. Then, so that the outside does not look outdated, you can coat it with a unique patterned fabric or even paint it at will. Not hard, is it?

2. Cheerful Pencil Pots


Mason jar you can also use as a container of your stationery that may have been too much or scattered everywhere. No need stepwork, just enter your stationery into it. To be more pleasing to see, mason jar hiaslah first. Most easily, you can enter the mason jar in a colorful flannel container. Or if you can paint, make a funny picture like above.

3. Unique Bathroom Container


Rather than not used at all, there is no harm in the old mason jar used as a container in the bathroom or sink. Besides, hey, the shape is pretty cool too to decorate your bathroom. For example, you can put a toothbrush along with toothpaste in the mason jar. To be more interesting, try adding a ribbon on the neck mason jar to make it more sweet.

4. Elegant Flower Vase


Yup, I can not possibly forget the idea of ​​converting an outdated mason jar into a flower vase. If your mason jar is too dull, use a gold or silver pilok to cover it up, and finish. After that immediately fill with a little water, then enter the bouquet of beautiful flowers in it. Now, a vase of gold or silver flower you already have and ready to make the table or dining table in your house look more elegant and classy.

If you want, you can also use flowers with mason jar container as a gift for people you love!

5. Tiny Candle Place


Create a warm atmosphere indoors, beautiful candles are the answer. How to make this candle look beautiful there are many, one of which is utilizing mason jar. The idea of ​​decorating it too much, you can fill it with unique ornaments such as sand and gravel, wrap the outside with colored paper color and make it emit a different color, and much more depending on your desires and imagination.

Interesting is not a functional item you can make from your old and dull mason jar? But, a little leak ya, actually mason jar dull you can look back to shine by washing it with rubbing ash. So, in addition to changebe a variety of goods appropriate, mason jar belongs to you is still worth to be used as a drink container kece, really!

Recommended Minecraft Pixel Art Templates & How To Make Minecraft Pixel Art


You can make art in many ways in Minecraft, but one of the most fun is making Pixel art. Pixel art is a great way to expand your game and make it more exciting for players who visit your world (server).

What Is Pixel Art In Minecraft?

Pixel art is a new phenomenon that has become very popular in Minecraft. A player can create basically anything by placing enough blocks in the correct pattern. Since the world of Minecraft is made of only cubes, anything you create has an old arcade game look to it. Minecraft players from all over the world have taken the challenge of creating both two-dimensional and three-dimensional structures of their favorite characters or superheroes in the video game.

It might be tedious to create a huge statue one block at a time, but you have the advantage of programming drones in LearnToMod, which really speeds up the process…or you can simply use Creative Mode. If you decide to use programming drones, you will need to know how to trace the drone very accurately, so if you haven’t already, make sure you earn all of the drone badges in LearnToMod.

Making Pixel Art In-Game

Anyone can take part in making pixel art, even if you are a beginner programmer or have little artistic experience. Creating Minecraft pixel art requires creativity, imagination, and most importantly – careful planning. Since you are working with three-dimensional blocks in an open world, the possibilities are endless. Learn how to make pixel art in Minecraft by following this common process below:

  1. Decide on an image to create. Browse the web for ideas or start drawing out your own creation.
  2. Plan your work of art. Understand what type of colors you will need to be and what type of Minecraft materials will be required to build out your image. Using graphing paper or computer programs like Paint (with grid lines) makes planning and scaling the size of your artwork much simpler.
  3. Obtain your resources or use Creative mode. Collect the appropriate blocks. However, most Minecraft artists will use Creative mode as you have unlimited resources, can fly, and your artwork typically can’t be harmed by enemies or world events. This makes crafting a piece of artwork much easier and faster. An alternative solution would be to use drones, as described in the next section.
  4. Start building. Place blocks in the appropriate locations to start building your artwork. Zoom out to get an overview of your creation!


Example: Making An Art Statue

To create a simple artistic statue (that somewhat resembles a Minecraft zombie), follow the steps outlined here. Start with a simple two-dimensional creation of the head, like the one below. Start this by planning out how many green blocks and black blocks you will need to recreate the face.


Once comfortable with this type of art design and build, add detail and depth like this:


You now have a basic, green 3D statue in your Minecraft world. You can go even further by creating arms for the structure and changing the color of the middle blocks to add the appearance of clothing (blue shirt and purple pants). The possibilities are endless!


Drafting Your Pixel Art

The position of every block is very important in this type of project, which is why it’s such a great idea to make a draft before starting to code.

Graph paper can be very helpful for making custom drafts. You can treat each square as a block in Minecraft. They can draw the image they like and then fill in the square around it to give it the shape it will take in Minecraft. Start simple, then add detail.


Drafting on a website often goes more quickly. Editing color and deleting blocks is much easier when you do it online. Many websites are available that provide a canvas to create pixel art. Piskel is a good choice.

Making The Art

Once the draft is done, you can start building directly in your Minecraft code (in Creative mode, as mentioned earlier) or use programming drones. If programming drones, it’s time to start writing the code. Choose a block as a starting point in the draft. Usually one of the bottom edges is the best starting point.

The next step is to program the Drone to place blocks where needed.

For simple two-dimensional creations, a single Drone can be programmed to place all the blocks in the right place one row at a time using a printer type pattern. The Drone would only move in horizontal or vertical lines placing a block where needed.

For large projects, it is a good idea to break up the part of your creation and use different drones to put them together. This way, a single Drone doesn’t have to be traced through hundreds of commands, and the code will be easier to debug.

Practice Makes Perfect

Pixel art can be simple or it can be taken into an intense level of complexity. It is important to start simple then add details in the end. As more blocks are used and the structure increases in size, the art piece will begin to lose its pixelated effect. Take a previous a project idea and make it your own!

Finding Inspiration & Ideas

Pixel art is a great activity for practicing using drones, and it can be a fun way to decorate your Minecraft world. You can create your favorite characters in pixel art or design your own characters!

You can also find pixel art on the internet and recreate it on LearnToMod using drones. There are many websites that provide templates and ideas for pixel art creations, such as Minecraft Pixel Art Templates.

Pokemon Minecraft Pixel Art

Pokemon Minecraft Pixel Art

Squidward Minecraft Pixel Art

Squidward Minecraft Pixel Art

Batman & Superman Minecraft Pixel Art

Super Mario Minecraft Pixel Art

Donald Duck Minecraft Pixel Art

Minecraft Pixel Art Templates

Decorating With Desk Lamps – What You Need to Know About It


Home decoration is a tedious process which requires creativity and a lot of patience by the homeowner. The serious home decorator will stop at nothing to find the desired piece that fits the overall theme of a particular space in the house, regardless of the room to be decorated. OF course, how the house is decorated is a reflection of the homeowner’s personality and taste. This is why decorating with desk lamps to any surface will instantly add flair to a plain coffee table or a boring counter top, for example.

A single sofa with a small table will look dramatic with the introduction of a small desk lamp, as well as add illumination to brighten up the entire space. Flowers in the background will help seal the overall theme. The ideas are endless, and this is exactly the reason why home decorating is such a challenge. Other people prefer a more rustic approach to decorating, and use warm lights to accentuate wooden furniture and fixtures to create a welcome and homey feel. Modernists use cool light to emphasize metallic and chrome surfaces of modern furniture and light fixtures. Others prefer to mix and match both styles.

Diverse as the choices may be, home decorating is never complete without a desk lamp. Conversations are carried out with much pleasure from the ambiance that such a light fixture brings. Reading tables will deliver a more efficient reading experience with the addition of simple ones or even library style fixtures. The various designs and colors of these lamps in the market are designed to fit any specific need and design theme when decorating with them.

Outdoor style desk lamps will do wonders for your patio, backyard or garden fixtures. Glass table lamps will emphasize prestige while traditional wooden desk ones emit an antique feel, much appreciated by the more conservative set.

This is why decorating with desk lamps is an interesting process that everyone can try and pull off successfully. And the great thing about it is that since each person is different and our tastes are all different as well, the end result will be completely unique in every home. Try different styles and types of lighting fixtures to get the most out of your finely decorated home. Also during the decoration process invite over a friend to give you a helping hand either with the actual task or by offering you their own insights as to what goes well with what.

Another aspect of using light fixture is by beautifying the home with various sconces that can be placed in practically any room in the home, including the living room, hallway or bathroom.

Paper Lanterns and Chinese Lanterns – Decorating Your Home, Outdoor Party or Garden on a Budget


Want to change the feel and look of a room without breaking the bank? It’s a domestic challenge we all face at some point, whether looking for a long-term change in colour for the home or a way to light up a wedding, party or special occasion. Happily, it’s also one of the easiest problems to fix!

Paper lanterns are an easy and affordable solution. They can be bought both locally and online for less than the cost of a small coffee, but bring bar more dignity, personality and professionalism to a room than the cheap price point would imply.

Remember how energised and content you felt last time you rearranged a room? A subtle change in interior decoration can be a very healthy thing. Paper lanterns offer the chance to do this with very little work, altering the area’s mood and personality with a little simple paper and lighting, and ultimately bringing a new energy and vitality to a living space.

All you need is:

  1. a step-ladder
  2. some simple fishing line
  3. thumbtacks or hooks
  4. , of course, some paper lanterns.


Any Colour Consultant or Interior Decorator will tell you the single largest obstacles are fear and indecision. We rarely know where to begin or which colour choices to make, let alone build up the motivation to act! To help you get past this first (and most difficult) step, we have put together this simple guide to getting started.

Step one is to simply ask yourself: what mood or vibe do I want from this space? Are you creating a festive party feel for an event, or a gentle atmosphere for a living space? Do you and your visitors wish to feel energetic? Relaxed? Contemplative? Consider the end result you want, then work backwards.

The following list summarises the most popular lantern colours currently on the market, along with the feelings they tend to evoke. (Of course, this doesn’t just apply to lanterns – you will find it equally useful for any painting, lighting or decorating.)

White – innocence, purity, hope, peace, cleanliness

Black – mystery, elegance, sophistication, power

Pink – friendliness, gentleness, kindness

Red – passion, vitality, love

Orange – creativity, cheer, social energy, warmth

Yellow – joy, sunshine, happiness, optimism

Green – refreshment, relaxation, the balance of energy

Blue – peace, cool, calm, serenity

Purple – royalty, richness, wealth, royalty, spiritual fulfilment

Brown – natural, earthy, organic

Of course, not all rooms or gardens are a blank canvas. Most of us will be limited by the existing space and colour scheme. If so, a colour wheel will point you in the right direction, keeping your colours compatible and building up the confidence to create something spectacular.

Good luck!

Expand Into the Garden to Create More Space


If you are in the requirement of more space and room in your lovely home, expanding into the garden is not a bad idea at all. Expanding into the garden is not only an interesting home extension thought, but it can result in improving the quality of life in your home. This type of expansion is also useful, because it actually does not change the overall look and architecture of your home building.

The expansion in the garden is quite an exciting and eye-catching addition for your home. However, it also requires sensitive thinking and creativity to make it look elegant. The expansion in the garden is not just the enhancement that can make a pleasant outdoor area, but it will also be a factor of increase in the value of your home and property.

This step of extension is, as a matter of fact, an investment in your own home. When it comes to extension in the garden, the outdoor kitchen is an interesting idea. Through this addition, you cannot only get a spacious indoor space, but also have an attention-grabbing outdoor spot. A creative and innovative move in home extension can result in great appreciation by your friends and visitors.

Through this amazing idea, you can even enjoy the roomy and large kitchen area, in which you can place your high functioning cooking appliances like ovens, dishwashers, refrigerators and deep freezers, easily and without hassle. These all helpful, but heavy, appliances definitely will take too much space in your in-house kitchen area, which is not surely convenient for you.

Now, there is no need to spend extra money on luxurious holidays or for barbecue parties, as you can definitely enjoy your frosty evenings in your garden area and enjoy your new extension with your family and friends.

After these upgrading steps to perfection, you definitely will be fond of throwing outdoor parties as; you will now have an amazing outdoor area to show off with an outdoor kitchen, dining area and picture perfect landscaping. Your efforts will surely be the topic of discussion among your friends and you can enjoy each and every minute of your party, rather being getting caged in the kitchen.

This is not all; you can also expand into the garden by making a green house along with the play room for your children. Because of the scarcity of space inside the home, children hardly get enough liberty to enjoy their playtime. They have to follow the rules in their quality time, for the sake of maintenance and cleanliness of the home.

With this imaginative and resourceful extension, you can avail the opportunity of enjoying a relax evening in your living room, without any noise and disturbance. Moreover, you can enjoy each and every moment with your children in their own play room with the blending feel of the landscaping. Expand into the garden is surely an attractive and striking idea, through which you can smartly enjoy your space, as well as make your home beautiful and pretty.

Decorations For a Modern Home


In home context, modern is not related to current. Modern design could mean contemporary and high tech. This could also be considered as the opposite of formal and conventional. There are many people that mistakenly think that modern is current but this is not the case. There is nothing wrong with this idea but there are designers who don’t agree to this. It should be differentiated from other styles of interior decoration. If you are looking for things to add to your home, there are trends like appliances and furniture that are energy efficient, unique, comfortable, functional, and within the budget.

Interior decoration ideas are geared for decorative purpose. They are plastic products with colors and design. Of course our needs have change and our eyes are set on something else. There are many who are concerned for the environment that would lead to friendly home decoration pieces. Going green is the theme of modern. Although plastics are considered great, people are now leaning towards recyclable materials. There are decorative pieces that are friendly to the environment.

There are decorators that turn recycled papers and bottles to create home decoration pieces. Your guest will realize the recycling brings a modern feel to your home. It is best that your appliances are energy efficient. The less machine that you use, it is less toxic emissions are emitted on the ozone layer. There is nothing chic with uniquely design home decor. Exotic pieces are great center of discussion. These can accentuate the modernity of your decor.

Comfort and functionality are important in modern home decoration. It is not enough that the piece looks good. Home decoration today should be used with a lot of things. Enjoy them while you can. Price range for modern home is rising. The price could be a factor because they are rising but you can still find bargain items.


Common Tile Options Explained For Your Home – Don’t Miss These Home Decoration Opportunities


Many people think of tiles as of the old boring squares that you place on the kitchen wall to keep it from getting dirty while cooking. Well, that might have been true years ago but nowadays tiling is very fashionable for many areas in any home: bathroom walls, floors, ceilings, kitchen, pretty much any room in the house can be decorated with beautiful tiles.

Here are a few more common types that you can use to enhance any room at home with the color and size of your choice.

Carpet – These are are better than sheet carpet because if anything goes wrong, a tile is much easier to replace than the entire sheet. This includes being overly worn, stained or damaged.

Ceramic – This is maybe the typical type everyone is associating with the word ’tile’. There are many different colors and varieties which are a far cray from what ceramic used to be previously. You have them in standard size but if you need them in a particular size, they can be cut easily by the shop specialist. Except square you can also easily find oblong, diamond, hexagonal, interlocking curved and several other shapes to choose from. They are usually fixed with a strong glue that keeps them in place.

Linoleum – Everyone remembers this material either from the old home of their parents or grand parents. At some point everybody seemed to have linoleum on their floors. Nowadays though it is again in fashion and you can find it in tile sizes. The main ingredients are cork, wood or linseed oil. There are many colors that you can easily find to enhance the flooring in your room.

Cork – This is a very popular flooring finish that can also be easily used for walls. For the floors you use a bit thicker size than for the walls, however you will use the very same technique for installing both. One of the reasons people like to have it around is because it keeps noise away. Of course it also gives the flooring or walls a nice warm feeling that enhances the decor of any place.

Terracotta – Terracotta is a rather traditional material to lay on the floor and it mostly comes in warm colors, ranging from brown, red and similar. If you are thinking between ceramic and terracotta for your floor, terracotta is less likely to crack. Ceramic will damage easier. Also it has a mat non slip surface that prevents slips and falls.

While there are many more types that are available, these are the most common ones that people go for when they want to change the interior decorating of their home.

Fabrics Make a Room


Have you ever stopped to think about what a room would be like with no fabric? Many people like the high-tech plastic and metal look that you see in science fiction movies about space or the distant future, but that is not the world as you currently know it. Rooms would be exceedingly boring without comfortable pillows, inviting upholstery and flowing drapery. When it comes right down to it, fabrics really do make a room.

Choose Your Fabric

It is very easy to take one swatch of material and design the scheme of an entire room around it. If you have a solid color swatch of fabric that you like, the first thing is to decide how much of that fabric you want to look at, all day long every day. When it is made into drapery or used as sofa upholstery fabric; then it becomes quite a large dose of your favorite fabric. Would it be more suitable for accessories such as pillows, or perhaps a patterned material of the same fabric or that contains the same color in smaller doses?

You could upholster a single chair or ottoman with that fabric and build your room from there. Take at least 2 or 3 complimentary colors in the fabric pattern and try to do different things with them, such as drapery of one color and a sofa in the other. For most people the more neutral shades in the pattern are more acceptable for large applications. The brighter bolder colors are fabulous for pillows, glassware and other complimentary accent pieces.

The Solution for Too Much Neutral

One of the major trends in today’s Interior Decorating school of thought is that you can never have too much neutral. Wrong. That is so wrong in so many ways. It is understandable to consistently use a neutral scheme if a house is being staged for sale. This gives potential buyers the opportunity to imagine their own personality stamped on the interior without distracting colors and themes. However, when it is your home and it is not for sale, a little color and pattern can go a long way to making a comfortable and cozy home interior.

Set The Tone

The type of fabric that you choose should in part be based on the feel that you are looking for in the room. For example; if you want a casual beachy feel, natural linen fabric and colors in pale blues and greens, with accents of pinks and violets will create just such a relaxing atmosphere. It is reminiscent of the colors found in the ocean and shells. On the other hand, if you want a luxurious feel, a jewel tone silk drapery can be a background or starting point for a very dramatic room. Add some glitz with clear crystal glassware and chandeliers, along with mirrors and some white and animal print upholstery. For an even more sophisticated look pair those silk draperies with black upholstery in velvet and leather, and yes, include some of the animal print here as well. This room will look like a luxury hotel if you put that big palm tree right over there in the corner.

No matter how or where you include your fabric into a room’s design, it is a necessary element of the decorating scheme that you choose. Fabric completes the room and brings everything together into a cohesive design.