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10+ Best Front Door Paint Color Ideas (with tips for choosing the right one)

Painting your front door is the cheapest and easiest way to give your home instant curb appeal. However, choosing the right paint color for your front door can be such a difficult decision! I’ve rounded up over 27 of my favorite front door paint color ideas to help inspire you.

Tips for selecting your front door color

1. Bring what you can to the paint store to match with the swatches. For example, shingles, bricks, or anything else that won’t be changing anytime soon.

2. Always look at the actual swatch against your siding, trim, roof, etc. to make sure it’s the look you’re after.

3. If possible, buy a tester sample and paint some on a board and place it where the door is so you can get an idea of how it will truly look. I love to sample paint colors on these boards that are lightweight and easy to move from place to place but are large enough to tell what the color really looks like.

4. Look at the sample at various times of the day, as well as on a cloudy day and a sunny day so you’ll know exactly how it will change. Sunlight makes colors appear lighter, so be aware of that. Look at the very first photo below and you’ll see an example.

5. Remember that it’s only paint and if you don’t like the color, a door is very easy to repaint!

10 Astonishingly gorgeous front door paint colors!

The Grace of Gray

Gray is such an easy neutral to live with. It doesn’t pack a punch but rather has a quiet strength that is much sleeker and more current than nondescript beige. A gray door has a way of balancing a bright exterior and lending just the right amount of steely modernity to more traditional structures.

Like Twilight

A more complex and mesmerizing version of a basic blue, a deep purplish blue makes a front door as swank as a vintage velvet smoking jacket. This dramatically dark jewel tone is a nuanced shade that shifts in response to the light, going from brilliant to sultry in the course of a day.

Top It Off | Yellow Front Door

Los Angeles hat designer Louise Green knows a thing or two about colorful accents, so when it came time to paint the door of her 1960s home, the fashionista chose a spunky color that would shed some of the dwelling’s architectural conservatism.

Likable Lime | Green Front Door

When Austin, Texas-based architect Steve Zagorski chose the color for a client’s front entrance, he picked citrus green for “contrast, contradiction, and juxtaposition.” Lime, an unexpected, standout color in a mostly bland neighborhood, felt particularly lively against the gray-clad exterior, and Zagorski says it reflects the “true nature of its colorful inhabitants.”

Teal Appeal | Teal Front Door

According to Atlanta-area designer Julie Holloway at Milk and Honey Home, a soft teal door is “traditional but not boring.” This shade, which echoes calm skies, complements most house styles and is as historic and timeless as it is cool, eclectic, and often acceptable to homeowner associations.

Juicy Bright | Orange Front Door

While traveling through The Netherlands, Nick Bewsey and Nelson Zayas of the Blue Raccoon in Lambertville, N.J., were repeatedly enchanted by Amsterdam’s orange doors, sporting a shade known as Queen’s Orange. “Upon coming home, we decided to paint our door the closest orange we could find,” says Bewsey. Paired with deep gray siding and white trim, the tangy shade makes a bold, warm welcome.

No-Fail Black | Black Front Door

Just like the little black dress, a black-painted front door in satin or gloss is elegant and classic. Black mingles well with shingles, stone, and brick, but it is most striking when paired with white. As Mary Lawlor, manager of color marketing at Kelly-Moore Paints, says, “A front door painted in gloss black with white trim never goes out of style.”

Turquoise Gem | Turquoise Front Door

During the renovation of a Palm Springs mid-century house, design firm H3K chose a new door with a vintage vibe, then had it painted a cheerful blue. Surrounded by neutral architectural materials and vivid nature, the attention-grabbing turquoise door played a major role in the visual transformation.

White Welcome | White Front Door

If the trim and body of a house are dark, then a white door really pops. A white-on-white house, however, has a peaceful energy. The all-white Hawthorne, a cottage in upstate New York, looks pristine among lush greenery and falling leaves and becomes one with the snow in winter.

Ready for Red | Red Front Door

With a mostly monochromatic color scheme inside the house, designer Jennifer Dyer of Jeneration Interiors in Los Angeles saw the front door as an opportunity for color. While citing the historic appeal of red as well as its positive feng shui vibe, in the end Dyer says she uses this hue because “more than anything, I just like the color.”


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