Fabrics Make a Room

Have you ever stopped to think about what a room would be like with no fabric? Many people like the high-tech plastic and metal look that you see in science fiction movies about space or the distant future, but that is not the world as you currently know it. Rooms would be exceedingly boring without comfortable pillows, inviting upholstery and flowing drapery. When it comes right down to it, fabrics really do make a room.

Choose Your Fabric

It is very easy to take one swatch of material and design the scheme of an entire room around it. If you have a solid color swatch of fabric that you like, the first thing is to decide how much of that fabric you want to look at, all day long every day. When it is made into drapery or used as sofa upholstery fabric; then it becomes quite a large dose of your favorite fabric. Would it be more suitable for accessories such as pillows, or perhaps a patterned material of the same fabric or that contains the same color in smaller doses?

You could upholster a single chair or ottoman with that fabric and build your room from there. Take at least 2 or 3 complimentary colors in the fabric pattern and try to do different things with them, such as drapery of one color and a sofa in the other. For most people the more neutral shades in the pattern are more acceptable for large applications. The brighter bolder colors are fabulous for pillows, glassware and other complimentary accent pieces.

The Solution for Too Much Neutral

One of the major trends in today’s Interior Decorating school of thought is that you can never have too much neutral. Wrong. That is so wrong in so many ways. It is understandable to consistently use a neutral scheme if a house is being staged for sale. This gives potential buyers the opportunity to imagine their own personality stamped on the interior without distracting colors and themes. However, when it is your home and it is not for sale, a little color and pattern can go a long way to making a comfortable and cozy home interior.

Set The Tone

The type of fabric that you choose should in part be based on the feel that you are looking for in the room. For example; if you want a casual beachy feel, natural linen fabric and colors in pale blues and greens, with accents of pinks and violets will create just such a relaxing atmosphere. It is reminiscent of the colors found in the ocean and shells. On the other hand, if you want a luxurious feel, a jewel tone silk drapery can be a background or starting point for a very dramatic room. Add some glitz with clear crystal glassware and chandeliers, along with mirrors and some white and animal print upholstery. For an even more sophisticated look pair those silk draperies with black upholstery in velvet and leather, and yes, include some of the animal print here as well. This room will look like a luxury hotel if you put that big palm tree right over there in the corner.

No matter how or where you include your fabric into a room’s design, it is a necessary element of the decorating scheme that you choose. Fabric completes the room and brings everything together into a cohesive design.