These Beautiful Easy DIY Shelves to Build at Home

Turning a used item into an object with new uses is a very interesting and challenging thing. Repurposing or recycling into other goods is our way as young people to remain creative and sensitive to the environment around. These new objects can also be a unique addition to the unparalleled decor.

For those of you who are looking for ideas to add shelves in the room at home, we have some inspiration of used objects that would surely be useful and suitable for additional shelves at home. Try four used objects that can be transformed into the following cool shelves:

1. The Sweet Functional Shelves Of The Used Stairs


The rickety ladder must take up a lot of space in your warehouse, it’s time to divert its function from just a pile of garbage to a fully functional shelf.

Surely this new rack project from the staircase is quite challenging and requires little skill to process wood and retaining screws. Use a plywood or plywood as a buffer on both sides of the ladder, and install an L-shaped screw to hold the underside. Make sure the plywood or plywood is proportional so that the final result was neat, sturdy, and triangular shaped foot.

2. Drawer Former Table To Become New Shelf

Have used drawers from old furniture that can not be used anymore? Do not just get rid of the drawers because you can get a versatile cool rack. Arrange the drawers vertically to your taste. Our advice is to coat the bottom of the drawer with paper / fabric motif or new paint so the shelf can look stylish and more fresh. To fit between drawers and other drawers, use nails of the size that match the thickness of the drawer sides.

No need to worry if the end result is not symmetrical between the right side and the left side because it is the artistic impression arising from the result of the uncluttered union perfect. Add a little decoration and you’re ready to use a new shelf from this used drawer.

3. Shelves Install Natural-themed Displays of Obsolete wood

Used wood can often be processed into small furniture that is very useful function as decoration or storage. An example is a bookcase or storage area of ​​scrap wood that has been cleaned and trimmed. DIY also does not require much work, just cleaning and painting with oil polish or other colors to get an additional shelf that matches the theme of your room.

If you have some of this wood, arrange storied or sideways and fill it with objects that are rather heavy, especially at the bottom so that new shelves of old wood is not easy to shift and nice to use. Certainly, only you who have bookshelves unloading pairs of this unique old wood.

4. Variety of Used Materials That You Did not Know Beforehand

Creations of used goods sometimes have to be adapted to the material in your home. So to make a new rack of used materials, you just use the remnants of used goods that are still lying and mengolahnya with your own creativity. Not infrequently things that you did not expect before, could even be a cool new shelf and super unique, for example, bookshelves from guitars, wall shelves from used buckets or skateboard boards, to shelves or bathroom cabinets from ancient chairs.

The key is from the creativity and power of the used goods that are available according to your ability. Keep looking for inspiration from various sources so that your new shelf creations really work well and personalized that are second to none. Happy to work!