This Is Amazing DIY Wine Bottle Crafts, You Must Try it !!!

Can not be denied, the use of plastic bottles increasingly increasing. In addition to the variety of plastic bottles that can be purchased anywhere, you also must have or even like to buy drinks and food in the package because it is more simple, is not it? As a result, in your house there may be little or even a pile of plastic bottles that are ready to be thrown away.

But wait a minute. You must know that the plastic bottles are very difficult to decompose in the soil. So, rather than hurry to throw it away, causing waste in the environment to accumulate, it would not hurt you to look for other ideas to take advantage of this one. There are lots of creations that can be made from these plastic bottles.

What are some of the creations that can come from a collection of unused plastic bottles? Here are some special ideas for you. Yep, who would have thought if it turns out these used plastic bottles can be transformed into various sweet ornaments like below.

We also have some idea of ​​converting other used items into something more useful

1. Potted Wall for Ornamental Plants


If you like to buy softdrinks of 1 to 1.5 liters, you will be very easy to change the used plastic bottles into useful items. Simply hide the center of the side of the plastic bottle and paint with your favorite color. Painting them in different colors is also not a bad idea because it can bring a lot of excitement on the walls of your yard.

After being perforated and decorated, you just plug the wire near the bottle cap and the base of the plastic bottle for easy display on the wall. Finally, fill the wall pot from the plastic bottle with the ground and immediately plant the ornamental plant seeds you like. Pair it on the backyard wall or your home terrace while waiting for the right time until the seeds you plant are transformed into beautiful ornamental plants.

2. Transparent Curtain Room Barrier

If your house has so little space that the boundary between one room and another room becomes unclear, you can use the used plastic bottle to become a chic and unique room divider.

Simply collect plastic bottles of 600 ml mineral water and cut the base to form like a flower. From a collection of flowers coming from the base of the former bottle, you can wrap it with nylon thread. Hole one corner of the flower until it is loaded into nylon thread, then start wicker vertically until it reaches the height of your house.

Make some of these vertical webbing and unite after the width according to the room you want to limit. Paste in the inter-wall area and you’ll see the rooms in your house are clearly lined up with no visible light because the plastic bottles are transparent.

3. Jewelry Place

Instead of throwing away unused plastic bottles, you’d better turn them into jewelry boxes that can make your dressing table more organized. The trick is also easy because you just need a few bottles of scrap and iron that can be used as a stand for your jewelry unikmu later.

The first step, cut the plastic bottles at the base, but do not get too short. From the end of the base, cut the bottle with a high distance of about 2-3 cm. After that, hole each base of the bottle in the middle. Insert each part of the bottle in the available iron. Give a distance of about 10 cm for each part of the bottle. Tighten with bolts at each end of the bottle so as not to degenerate. Voila, now you are ready to display this beautiful jewelry place to put your jewelry collection.

4. Multipurpose Cart

Parts of the body of the plastic bottle that you have picked up the base can still be recycled into useful items, loh! One of them, you can remove the versatile basket from the rest of the plastic bottle. Simply scissor the body of the plastic bottle and the same size and make woven from the sheets.

Make woven as much as possible according to the pile of plastic bottles you have. The more woven, the more versatile baskets that can be produced. After all the bottles are soaked, you can unite each woven from the plastic bottle with a strong glue. Form it like a basket, then paint it with the color you like. This versatile basket from this plastic woven bottle can be a place to put dirty clothes or store toys for children.

5. Lamp Decorative Lamp

Still using the base of the pile of your old bottle, you can also be creative to turn it into a beautiful lampshade. You can make it an ornamental lampshade for the cabinet next to your bed even to beautify the living room. All you need is really just a used bottle of the same size and color.

Cut the base of the plastic bottle a little high, measuring about 2-3 cm. Next, you just need to stick it to each other using a strong glue until it resembles a ball. There will be a beautiful flower motif formed from the design of the base of your bottle! Remember, the bottom of the pattern-shaped hood should you let hole as the entrance of the hood to cover up your sleeping lamp or decorative lamps.

6. Sweet Flower Vase

Do not leave your desk unattractive because there is no decoration on it. One of the most powerful ornaments to attract the attention of the guests is a flower vase that contains a wide range of colorful beautiful flowers. To make a flower vase, you can take advantage of used plastic bottles that have accumulated.

How to make it very easy. You just need to cut the end of the bottle to the base and the body of your plastic bottle as big. To make it into a vase, cut the plastic body vertically toward the base with the same length. But remember, just scissors half of the height of the remaining plastic bottles. After that, drag outward each cutout until it eventually resembles a circle shape when put together. The final step, fill the vase of the plastic bottle with water and put flowers according to your taste.

7. Pencil Case Can Be Taken Anywhere

Looking for a unique pencil box that can hold lots of your writing materials? Do not worry, you can use your plastic bottle collection to make a portable case pencil that can be taken anywhere, anyway.

You can simply supply two unused plastic bottles of the same size. Cut two bottles and use the bottle portion that has a base. After that, provide a zipper of clothes that you can buy at a clothing store. Paste the zipper between two bottles so that later can be closed into a sweet pencil. To make it more unique, you can paint it and draw a picture on the surface of the recycled case case from the plastic bottle.

Unique-unique is not a recycled item that you can kreasikan from plastic bottles that accumulate in your house? In addition to reducing environmental waste, recycling creations is not impossible to be a promising business opportunity if occupied properly, loh. If you have not been to business, at least you can make your house more beautiful with decorations recycled goods on top.