40+ Best Diy Painted Chair Designs Ideas (For Your Inspiration)

So you have a chair that you want to make? First you need to buy some paint stripper. Then use with an old paint brush, paint with very thick paint. When the paint bubble is ready to be released.

Now you are ready to use a stripping tool and wire brush for each carved carved part. Remember to apply stripper when you leave so the paint doesn’t harden anymore. You may need to repeat this process several times, depending on how many layers of paint you have to remove, or how thick the old layer is.

After all the paint is turned off, rinse with water or vinegar to remove all remaining stripping / neutralize all that remains.

Don’t forget to check your chair for sturdiness because you might need to separate it to fix it or send it to someone who did it. Minor repairs may be needed at this stage. You don’t want your newly closed seat to collapse under you because you forgot to do this step.

Next you will need sandpaper and steel wool in the class you need. Nylon scourers may be good too, because steel wool tends to break when you use it. There are also many different special paint scrapers that you can buy, depending on what you release. Get what you think you will need.


After the paint is left inactive or mostly, you are ready to paint your property.

I want to get a sample pot or see the wrong part of tints because you can make big savings here. I like to use large and thin coats because it works better than a little and is thick, especially if the chair has details / carvings on wood. Sand between each layer of paint for the best results.

Now to protect your newly painted finish, use water-based (or oil-based) varnish if you use oil-based paint that you have mixed in a paint tray with varnish, then clean the excess.

Make sure it goes into all the gaps, crevices and gaps, because this makes it look more ‘old’, and not so flashy. Of course, only do this if you want an older look at your work.

You need to buy a fabric that matches the upholstery – nothing is too thin because it won’t last long. Buy enough to restore your seat. Next you need to tuck it in your cloth and staple it to the frame of your chair with a stapler. Cover the bottom with plain calico.

When finished, cut the excess cloth. You might want to cover the line between the fabric and the frame using a nail or braided cable, or even a cloth folded on the same material.
Don’t forget to wet the cloth with a spray on the protector too.

You now have beautiful furniture that has the best change of seating, and best of all, you do it yourself.

Inspiration Diy Painted Chair Designs